Find the perfect cartoon for your presentation, publication, or website! Bill Abbott presents Spectickles, Pandemonium, and Percenters!

Bill Abbott Cartoons are internationally syndicated (Spectickles), have been published in the The Saturday Evening Post, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review (Percenters business cartoons), Reader’s Digest, Prospect, and many, many other publications. They’ve been featured in greeting cards with Hallmark UK, Pictura USA, Renaissance, Marian Heath, Nobleworks and others.


In 2012, I was looking to work on something different – sort of a creative break from Spectickles. I have always been a HUGE admirer of the New Yorker cartoonists who drew in an elegant, beautiful style. The Percenters have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Prospect magazine.

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Spectickles is one of the two current cartoons I continue to create. The glasses were inspired by those worn by my great-grandparents – the horn-rimmed style popular in the 1950’s. Spectickles is internationally syndicated, appears in newspapers and publications such as The Saturday Evening Post and Reader’s Digest.

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Pandemonium is a collection of about 300 of my earliest cartoon work. And while it’s the oldest, I’m still very proud of it. You’ll notice a relatively wide range of artistic styles from thin line work utilizing cross-hatching for shading to India ink washes to a variety of dip pens and pen nibs.

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